Friends of Apex Park

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Welcome to the official Website for the

Friends of Apex Park, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

The Friends of Apex Park are a voluntary, fully constituted group, established in 2001, who aim to provide opportunities for community members to improve and promote the use of the park, to help protect and enhance Apex Leisure and Wildlife Park as a place of freedom, recreation, wildlife habitat and enjoyment for all sections of the local community.


We meet on a regular basis, and work closely with Sedgemoor District Council to improve the park as best we can.


To find out more or if you wish to volunteer and become a "Friend" of the park please contact the groups Secretary Marina Turner; 

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The Environment Agency have confirmed there is blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) which could potentially be toxic in the lake at Apex Park. Sedgemoor District Council has advised the following;


-        Dogs should not be allowed to drink, swim or paddle in the water

-        Fishing is not permitted

-        Do not eat fish caught from the water

-        No swimming

-        Avoid all contact with the water

-        Observe and abide by notices surrounding the water


Anyone who has come into contact with the water containing blue-green algae should wash with fresh water immediately. Anyone who has come into contact with the affected water and has become ill should obtain urgent medical attention.


Public Health have been notified in case they have any admissions relating to exposure to the algae.


The Environment Agency will continue to monitor the situation.